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We offer a unique solution for automated purchases of agricultural land. We specialise in purchases in the entire Czech Republic. We provide a comprehensive service to our clients.

Identification of suitable land

• Analysis of the location of interest
• Identification of suitable sellers
• Determination of prices according to the value of soil and type of land

Contacting the owner

• Mass contacting of identified owners
• On-line display of purchased land
• On-line monitoring of the current status of the purchasing process

Execution of the purchase

• Preparation of purchase agreements
• Negotiations with owners, authorities
• Turnkey purchase of land

Property management

• On-line application for property management and registration of contracts
• Updating of data from the real estate cadastre, monitoring of lease contracts

Consulting services

• Consulting on the amount of rent
• Identification of new lessees
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You do not have to take care of anything with the Property Management solution. Your entire farm land agenda is available on-line.

In time, we will notify you of any expiring lease contracts and propose steps to increase rent from the lease. We generate the basis for subsidies and tax returns automatically.

Property management

• On-line land management in the CleverAssets application
• Complete agenda for the conclusion of lease contracts
• Automatic generation of tax returns
• Easy integration with the existing economic system


• Automatic warning about expiring lease contracts
• Transparent on-line statistics
• Comprehensive overview of real estate
• Generation of proposals for changes in use
• Calculations of paved and unpaved areas


• vyhledávání vhodných nájemců
• maximalizace výnosů z nájmů


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The property construction preparation system is a web application designed for transparent planning and administration of construction preparation. It clearly shows the current status of land purchase, lease and easement.


• Effectively manages the preparation of infrastructure construction
• Keeps clear records of contracts and easements
• Works with current data from the real estate cadastre

Video monitoring

• Continuous construction monitoring
• On-line records of work performed
• Reporting plan vs. reality

Road diagnosis

• Summary statistics and financial reports in one place


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Farm management helps make your farming easier. Our on-line application monitors the legislation needed to obtain subsidies and displays an overview of all farms in one place.



We eliminate

• Cost of keeping records of land and contractual agenda
• Cost of preparing subsidies
• Loss of production
• Losses of fuels, fertilizers and seeds as a result of theft or ineffective agricultural activities
• Fines and penalties

We implement

• Computerization of maps and contractual documents, integration with GPS and accounting books
• Monitoring of variations in the economy and agricultural activities
• Automation of regulatory requirements and subsidies
• Automation of agricultural activities (GPS, sensors, automatic applications, data collection in the field)

We bring

• Maximum simplicity and clarity (anyone, who knows how to use the internet, can be a user)
• Minimizing worries on the part of the customer
• HW and data management on the part of the supplier
• Preparedness for the future (legislation, subsidies, trends, new technologies)
• Excellent performance/price ratio



The SyMAP solution provides us with a detailed overview of the status of the conclusion of property rights contracts throughout the construction
David Fiala, director of ŘSD - Brno Plant

Evaluation of distance capacity for concrete mixtures

We have had all of them, Microsoft, SAP, GoodData, but no one managed to look into such detail as CleverAnalytics
David Vejtruba, marketing director

The SyMAP application allowed us to accelerate and facilitate the property rights agenda
Ivana Vyskočilová, director of engineering activities

Locational risk analysis

With CleverMaps, I bought more land in two months than with my own efforts in five years
Lukáš Kratochvíl, private farmer in Vysočina

Displaying hunting ground in the competence of the Židlochovice Plant

Thanks to the on-line registration of fertilizers, we succeeded 100% in the EU audit
Zdeněk Veselý, chief agronomist


We create unique software that visualizes your business activities and significantly simplifies the traditional paper-based agenda. We help our customers make informed decisions, we reduce their costs and increase the productivity of their business activities.

We focus on projects in the segments of transport, property management and business intelligence. Thanks to the unique experience in the areas of software development, geodesy and the real estate cadastre, CleverMaps is a leader in its field.


We are a perfectly coordinated team of enthusiastic professionals. Altogether, we have over 259 years of experience. We know how to do magic with data from external sources. We save you time and money. We do what we do best. We enjoy our work

Jan Sirotek
founder & CEO
Ondřej Tomas
Stanislav Madron
Petr Soběslavský
Oldrich Kahoun
Purchase of Land & Property management
Michal Fiala
Construction of Infrastructure
Monika Mišková
Farm management
Lukáš Puchrik
Location intelligence
Daniel Vrábník
Kristýna Kelblová
investments in lands
Vrastislav Kučera


We promote the concept of a free company. We give our people freedom and expect accountability.

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