Bringing context into your business.

We develop smart maps that visualize your data, helping you plan, make informed decision and minimize risk with ease.


CleverMaps is an incubator of projects that help you better navigate the context of your business. We develop web applications that visualize your data on maps and offer further services and professional consultancy. We are active in the fields of infrastructure, property management, and agriculture and location analysis.


Our comprehensive solutions in areas of infrastructure assist with the agendas of property and ownership, building preparation and operation, as well as planning in the cadaster of real estate.

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Property management

We provide an online record of lease agreements that works with current data from the cadaster of real estate, monitors changes and deadlines and can generate various documents, including tax return forms.

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An application for logging agronomic activities that monitors requirements of the Nitrates Directive, as well as Statutory Management Requirements in applying for subsidies or plant protection products.

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Location analysis

Our interactive maps allow managers of medium and large B2C companies to see the location context of their business.

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In addition to the mentioned areas, we also work on individual data projects in GIS and Remote Sensing, are actively developing as a consultancy firm in the field and occasionally participate in large foreign projects.

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