We are a divers team of people working in a democratic company. We value a horizontal organizational structure, an interconnectedness of teams and shared know-how. As individuals we each develop our own unique skills and interests. At CleverMaps we are working on many interesting projects with lots of room to grow and develop further.

We are always looking for new skilled members to join our team for future collaborations abroad. For more information please, write to us at

Life at CleverMaps

We are a democratic company

We promote the concept of a democratic company culture, where everybody has the freedom to do what one enjoys and its great at, while acting with responsibility towards colleagues and the company as a whole. We value a company culture where people above all motivated by a strong team and co-workers whom they resonate with. We have a simple and flexible organizational structure without complicated reports or control mechanism, because we trust one another.

Personal development

At CleverMaps we believe in the uniqueness of each individual and try to support its development as much as possible. We organize regular workshops for personal growth and the development of hard and soft skills. Their goal is to support the growth of each one of us, while strengthening our cooperation as a team.

A dynamic environment 

While we are no longer a starting company and exhibit positive financial results, we are still inspired by the atmosphere of start-ups, where products and strategies are changing constantly. We remain very flexible and do not want to become rigid. The field in which we work has enormous potential for growth. Location Intelligence is still one of the key trends of the current world of IT and BI. We aim to be among the top players in our area of business and aren't afraid to keep innovating our processes. In order to grow and innovate we hold our own company hackathons and enjoy attending others outside of the firm.

An exceptional team 

When we ask our team members why they work here, their usual response is - because of the people. We have a vibrant team of programmers, geodesists, GIS and marketing experts and business analysts. We have many women working among us and strive to build a diverse team of people. In this way we can continue to inspire and complete each other. Work aside, we have a lot of fun together at all sorts of events including ski trips, balls, sport events or just getting together for drinks.

A friendly work environment

An important part of our vision is a friendly work environment. We work in an open space office, as we like to communicate with each other. Our offices are decorated with plants and we even have a ping pong table, where we often like to go blow some steam. Our favourite spot is the sofa, the library or the kitchen where we organize breakfasts, drink coffee or celebrate each other's birthdays or other personal successes.


We are always looking for creative procedure to keep our workflow fast and enjoyable. Each of us has something to contribute to the overall success of our team. We are constantly thinking about how we can improve our work and which routine procedures can be automated.

HUB MindForge

We are part of a technological and innovative hub called MindForge, which connects leading experts and heads in IT, science and research. This gives us an opportunity to interact with and share the best people, experiences and projects from different companies.