Smart maps for all your business activities

We develop online applications for users from various areas of business, which simplify tasks and save time by automating the daily agenda. They provide progressive data visualization in layers of maps, allowing you to see the exact data you need.

Our applications have a modern, user-friendly interface and intuitive controls. They are equipped with an open and well documented API for easy integration with other systems. By using our applications, your data will be stored in a secure environment under constant surveillance.

The technology solution of our applications allows users to access their data at all times. No installation or training is required to begin working with tha applications. One license can provide access to several users with the option of setting up varied authorizations.

Online record of the property management agenda in CleverAssets

We provide insight into the agenda of property management, monitor changes and simplify numerous tasks. A simple record of land lease contracts saves a lot of time and expenses.

CleverAssets is an online application for land management, using a smart map window for visualising the location of your land along with other important information.

  • CleverAssets serves as an online record of land leases
  • works with current data from the cadaster of real estate and the LPIS database
  • notifies you of changes, keeps track od deadlines and identifies risks
  • simplifies the process of land sale
  • contains templates for generating new land lease forms
  • automatically calculates rent costs and keeps a record of payments
  • generate tax returns in just a few clicks
  • provides clear graphical outputs, analyses and reports that bring insight into the management of owned and leased land

A user-friendly environment makes working within the application noticeably more pleasant. An unlimited number of users is given access to the application. The application can also be operated from any device without the need for program installation.

Management of agronomic activities in CleverFarm

A simple application for keeping track of all your agronomic activity.

The application automatically tracks requirements of the Nitrates Directive and Statutory Management Requirements in applying for subsidies or plant protection products. Should require more functions, it also contains Sentinel and Sensor modules.

With the simple and intuitive application CleverFarm, you can manage your fertilization data, easily adhere to the Nitrates Directive or obtain weather forecasts from the nearest meteorological stations. You can access the app at any time from your computer or mobile phone.

Location analysis in CleverAnalytics

We try to find answers to complex business questions through the use of interactive maps. As a result, an analysis of your business in the context of location is made simpler and more precise.

CleverAnalytics is easily and quickly accessible through your computer's browser. It contains handy reports that are tailored to the needs of various areas of business.

  • Retail chains
  • Food and restaurant delivery services 
  • E-commerce
  • Financial services of banks and insurance companies

With CleverAnalytics you don't have to be a data analyst or geoinformatics expert. CleverAnalytics is for managers of B2C companies, who wish to make strategic decisions based on accurate data and knowledge.

In addition to the areas mentioned, we also work on individual data projects in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing, are actively developing our consultancy services in the field and occasionally participate in large foreign projects.

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