Three Wins for Location Analysis in Food Delivery

Food Delivery from 2000+ Restaurants

DameJidlo is a food delivery service that links more than 2000+ restaurants in 150+ cities with their customers, processing more than 200,000 monthly orders. DameJidlo is a part of Delivery Hero, a global network of online ordering platforms for food with more than 200,000 partner restaurants worldwide.


Missing Roadmap for Increased Customer Experience

DameJidlo‘s main aim was to effectively cover the market, meet its potential, and improve customer experience by providing various types of cuisines at certain times and level of quality. This could be achieved not only by acquisitions of new restaurants but also by convincing current restaurants to reconfigure their services by updating their opening times, customer satisfaction, or delivery distance. Therefore, DameJidlo needed to:

  • Provide all sales representatives with an overview of all the restaurants and their parameters on the market–both prospects and those that are already their clients
  • Address the market potential for each type of cuisine at certain times to leverage it and improve the customer experience
  • Get detailed information on who, where, what time, and for what budget orders are placed for given locations

Clear visualization and predefined reports of data perfectly fit data driven foundation of DameJidlo.“

Martin Chrz - Business Intelligence Director


Location Intelligence for Food Delivery

As DameJidlo is a data-driven company, all of the transaction data was available in their internal systems. We integrated their databases with CleverAnalytics via API to load transaction data on a granular level for each transaction and its delivery area. CleverAnalytics processed and combined this data with external data and geolocated them in a smart map. Each business case was covered by a unique view.

The crucial view offered an outline of the market with the ability to filter restaurants by type of cuisine, time and cost of delivery, minimum value of order, rating, and special actions. By using these filters in combination with the map, sales reps are given a priority list of their next steps as well as easy-to-understand arguments for their sales pitches. All results are shown on a map or can be exported to the spreadsheet of their choice.


Platform for Management, Sales and CX

CleverAnalytics brought much-needed insights for the management of sales operations and enhancing the customer experience. Integration of internal data allows instant access to up-to-date information provided in an easy-to-grasp form of a map. CleverAnalytics, a single location analysis platform helped DameJidlo achieve three wins:

  • Answers for their comprehensive business questions via smart map
  • Prioritized list of task on their way for great customer experience
  • Compelling content for their salesforce and their ongoing task of customer acquisition

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